Synthetic biology of antibiotic production II, 30 August – 4 September 2014Synthetic biology of antibiotic production II, 30 August – 4 September 2014

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    Chair & co-chairs

    Chair: Prof. Eriko Takano, University of Manchester, UK

    Co-chair: Prof. Rainer Breitling, University of Manchester, UK

    Eriko Takano
    Rainer Breitling

    Speakers & talks

    Keynote speakers will include:

    • Christian Hertweck, HKI, DE
    • Timothy Lu, MIT, US
    • Sven Panke, ETH Zürich, CH
    • Gerry Wright, McMasters University, CA
    • Huimin Zhao, University of Illinois, US

    Invited speakers and talks will include:

    • Jutta Heim, Evolve SA, CH
    • Kirsten Jung, LMU Munich, DE
    • Anne Osbourn, John Innes Centre, UK
    • Jörn Piel, ETH Zürich, CH
    • Joyce Tait, University of Edinburgh, UK
    • Wilfried Weber, University of Freiburg, DE

    You can check the preliminary programme here.

    Patrick Boyle

    Lecture title: Design Principles for Natural Product Manufacturing

    Ginkgo Bioworks, US

    Tim Gardner

    Lecture title: Moving on up: the essential role of measurement quality and modeling in scaling to 200,000L fermentations

    Ryffin, US

    Jutta Heim

    Lecture title: A Yeast Synthetic Biology Platform Generates Novel Pharmacological Scaffolds for Drug Discovery

    Evolve SA, Switzerland

    Christian Hertweck

    Lecture title: Decoding and Engineering Complex Biosynthetic Pathways in Microbes

    HKI, Germany

    Kirsten Jung

    Lecture title: Polyproline proteins and translational constraints

    LMU Munich, Germany

    Timothy Lu

    Lecture title: Engineering Next-Generation Antimicrobials with Synthetic Biology

    MIT, USA

    Anne Osbourn

    Lecture title: Unlocking plant metabolic diversity

    John Innes Centre, UK

    Sven Panke

    Lecture title: Exploring lantibiotic design space

    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

    Jörn Piel

    Lecture title: New opportunities for pathway engineering from microbial dark matter

    ETH Zurich, Switzerland

    Joyce Tait

    Lecture title: Regulation-Innovation Interactions and their Impact of Synthetic Biology

    University of Edinburg, UK

    Wilfried Weber

    Lecture title: Antibiotic-triggered sensors and switches

    University of Freiburg, Germany

    Gerry Wright

    Lecture title: TBA

    McMasters University, Canada

    Huimin Zhao

    Lecture title: Discovery and Characterization of Novel Natural Products via Synthetic Biology

    University of Illinois, USA

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